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Badge reels can be used for a number of different functions. In addition to holding identification badges, they also can be used to allow security access, even to hold personal items like pens or keys.

Badge reels work well for people who need to have access to secure places. The reels also work well for individuals who need to make sure they haven’t left their identification behind.

Badge reels make it easy for people to extend their badge and swipe it through a access card reader without taking it off of clothing.

These devices can also help your company run more efficiently.

First of all, it helps maintain security, which is an important concern for most large companies. Security is a way of keeping employees safe, protecting against theft, and even corporate spying.

To maintain this security, many companies have a network of locks that are controlled by magnetic identification cards, which assure that only people who are authorized can go into or out of a particular building or any high security area. But it can be a hassle for people to take the card from a wallet, purse or badge holder every time they need to swipe it through a card reader. It really becomes frustrating it has to be done on a regular basis. With the badge reel, you can simply pull the card from the case using the cord, swipe it, and allow the cord to pull it back in again.

Another advantage of having a badge reel is that it allows people to keep small tools close by. IT employees, for example, may use a small screwdriver many times during the day for various tasks. After a while, it becomes frustrating to have to fish it out of pockets, or wherever else they may keep it. It’s easy to misplace. But if employees attach it to their badge reel, they have easy access to it – and won’t lose it.

For people who have a lot of keys, it also can make things easier. They can simply attach a key ring to the badge reel. Again, they have easy access to the keys, and easy use – they pull the keys out using the reel’s cord. This is much easier than having to continually go into pants, coats or purse pockets.

Badge reels also make it easier for security personnel to perform identification checks. Again, when the security person asks to see a person’s identification badge, the man or woman doesn’t have to go into a wallet, or badge holder in order to get it, wasting time and energy. They can simply pull it out from the badge reel allowing the security worker to easily and quickly check their identity.

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