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You are probably seeing them more and more, and odds are you may be using them yourself. They are called badge reels, and they are fast becoming the most popular identification badge holder for companies of all sizes.

Badge reels can be customized in various shapes, sizes and layouts. But they all have four main parts.

One piece allows the person to attach the reel to his or her clothing. Reels are usually worn on a person’s belt, attached to a shirt or pants pocket, or attached to a lanyard worn around the neck. This piece can be either a belt clip or a spring-loaded clip. The spring-loaded clip is what is used to attach the badge reel to something other than a belt, such as clothing. Some badge reels have an opening at the top which allows the wearer to attach it to a lanyard. The most common type of badge reel is one worn on the belt.

The attachment that allows the person to attach the reel to clothing is usually located on the back of the case that holds the cord. There is also a spring mechanism in the case that controls the movement of the cord, both out and in. Because the spring mechanism basically pulls the cord back in, badge reels are also called retractable badge reels.

The second component of the badge reel is the housing case. It is usually made from plastic or metal, or a combination of the two. Most people use the plastic type, and it is available in both round and square shapes.

You can also get the metal and plastic reels in different shapes, and they are usually more durable than reels that are exclusively made from plastic.

You can also get a customized imprint – such as a company name or logo -- on the housing. You can put the imprint right on the case with pad printing or use a vinyl sticker.

The third piece of the badge reel is the retractable cord. It is usually made of nylon, but some of the more durable varieties have cords that are made from steel. Most of the cords are 30 inches long, but can be as short as 17 inches and as long as 45 inches.

Finally, the fourth part of the mechanism is the device that is used to attach the identification badge to the cord. This is usually a vinyl strap clip, a strap that makes a loop using a metal snap. The straps go through the openings at the top of the badge holders or identification cards. Some badge reels have a snap hood at the bottom that you can use to attach identification cards or even keys. The reels can also be used to hold pens, small tools and small flashlights.

You can buy badge reels in many different styles. The plastic types are usually less expensive, but if you want a more durable type and are willing to spend a little more, you can go with the plastic metal combination. You can get any reel with or without a customized logo or message on the reel.

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