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Badge reels come in a large variety of shapes, with imprints available in practically any design the customer wants.

There are many unique shapes and designs.

We offer personalized designs, where customers can create their own handmade badge reel. For those in the military or those who are just very patriotic, there are blue American flag reels. There are red heart or white reels for nurses. Pharmacists can get one with a pharmacist badge on it. Another unique design is an orange laptop computer reel for anyone who works in information technology. Other distinctive reels include ones with yellow butterflies, purple Fleur de Lis, red cherries, and yellow dogs with a bone tree.

For those in law enforcement or the legal profession, there are badge reels with the scales of justice on them. Other medical badge reels have a stethoscope, or if preferred, a caduceus. Dental badge reels can be made with a tooth or toothbrush decoration. And for people enamored of smiley faces, there are reels with those designs, as well.

There are badge reels that are translucent and badge reels that are made of chrome. We offer unique logo badge reels with the design imprint covering an area one and a half times as large as the conventional badge reels.

Other distinctive types of badge reels include lanyard reels. These are like the regular badge reels but with a slot at the top for attaching a lanyard.

Carabiner badge reels have a wire gate at the top to allow for the attachment of straps and loops. The center of the reel can be solid or translucent plastic with a chrome frame. These are newer types of reels and have not been on the market that long. As with other reels, the customer can get whatever kind of imprint or logo he or she would like.

Heavy duty badge reels are larger than conventional types. They are made of metal or a metal and plastic combination. They have a belt clip and a reinforced nylon or steel cord. The cord itself can be made of a twisted wire or from small chain links. These types of reels are good to use if you need to carry a lot of keys or a number of small tools.

Another unique kind of reel is one made of silver metal. These are among the smallest types made. They have an alligator clip on the back, which is spring loaded and opens like an alligator’s jaws. The chrome reels have a reinforced nylon cord with a vinyl strap or snap hook for attaching identification cards or other items. You also can get this type of reel in brass, although chrome is the most popular of the two.

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